Proposed Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill would make it easier for negligent doctors to evade legal action

A new bill, modelled on the previously blocked Medical Innovation Bill, which threatens the safety of patients and would protect negligent doctors from any consequence, will be debated by MPs in Parliament during October.

Conservative MP, Chris Heaton-Harris proposed the Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill in June this year. His proposal is distinctly similar to, and modelled on, the vetoed Medical Innovation Bill, or Saatchi Bill as it is otherwise known.

If granted, the bill could effectively safeguard doctors from any penalty or consequence, regardless of how dangerous or negligent the treatment they provided was. The bill would also prevent victims of medical negligence from receiving redress for their injuries.

Joint head of clinical negligence at Thompsons Solicitors, Linda Millband said: “Lord Saatchi’s Bill hasn’t gone away. It’s reared its head again not only in the Lords, but also in a Private Members’ Bill. It looks remarkably like Lord Saatchi’s Bill and would give the same dangerous get out for sub-standard doctors.

“Everyone welcomes innovative medical research, but no doctor who negligently injures a patient should be able to hide behind a law and not face the consequences of their actions. In a civilised society, it cannot be right that doctors like Ian Paterson could walk away with his patients getting nothing for all they have been through.”


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